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Slovensk√† Agent√Ļra zivotn√®ho Prostredia

Organisation Information
Company NameSlovensk√† Agent√Ļra zivotn√®ho Prostredia
Company AddressTajovskèho 28, 975 90 Banskà Bystrica, Slovakia
Company CityBanskà Bystrica
Company ZIP975 90
Company CountrySlovakia
Company Telephone421905594240
Company TypePublic body
Company Website-
Company Social Profiles
Person Of Contact Information
Person of Contact NameMartin KoŇ°ka
Person of Contact RoleEmployee
Person of Contact Telephone421905594240
GeoSpatial Activities
1Presenting, producing and distributing geodata
2Advising, educating, researching, communicating about processes, use of geo-information products
3Processing, editing, modelling, analyzing and managing geodata
4Measuring, collecting and storing geodata
5Delivering GIS/SDI software (development, customization, etc)
European Projects
Job Vacancies
INSPIRE Spatial Data technical expertinspire-5+ Years5000 - 10.000 EUR
Calls for Projects
Best Practices
INSPIRE Biodiversity MashupSimple "prove of concecpt" mashup application combining "semi" harmonized (at the time only preliminary application schemas were available for SD and ... read more2013-11-28 12:19:54--
National Geoportal - gateway to slovak SDISAZP operates National Geoportal providing access to spatial data to public, proffesional organisations and public administration through intuitive we... read more2014-02-11 22:58:41--
Providing map (view) and feature (download) services in slovak environmental resortSAZP was put in charge by MoE (Ministry of environment) to provide some organisations (those not capable doing it themselves for any reason e.g. techn... read more2014-02-11 23:05:51--
Maps caching and proxying - towards unified (harmonised) and performant WMS's and INSPIRE View services.Rendering maps is computationaly intensive process and therefore in heavy utilized environment providing online maps some kind of performance optimizi... read more2014-02-11 23:11:34--
Popular OpenStreetMap available in slovak national coordinate reference system S-JTSKSAZP decided to provide slovak SDI with popular OpenStreetMap (just extent corresponding to Slovak territory) in national refference system as publicl... read more2014-02-11 23:17:11--
S-JTSK SRS definition in open source librariesSAZP has provided partners in slovak SDI community with definition of SJTSK / Krovak North East projected spatial reference system in format suitable ... read more2014-02-13 13:22:08--
Revision of the basic settlement unitsSAZP manages Registry of basic settlement units which is used by Statistical office of the Slovak Republic for various purposes, most notably as the b... read more2014-02-13 13:55:31--
Inspire monitoring and reportingSAZP collects annual data for INSPIRE monitoring and every three years also for INSPIRE reporting. To minimize disturbance of responsible persons and ... read more2014-02-13 14:05:22--
Internet Application of Landscape Atlas of the Slovak RepublicLandscape Atlas (LA) of the Slovak republic was developed in the frame of a governmental project supported by the Ministry of Environment. It consists... read more2014-02-13 17:30:31--
EnvEurope Drupal Ecological Information Management System - DEIMSThe EnvEurope Drupal Ecological Information Management System provides a web portal interface for Long Term Ecosystem Research (LTER - Europe) network... read more2014-02-17 09:57:44--
Stratification of waste dumps in SlovakiaThe Pilot project in Slovakia aims to implement specialized web based map application focused on Stratification of waste dumps in Slovakia allowing se... read more2014-02-18 09:27:06--
INSPIRE data specification themes transformation testing reportsSAZP participated in the process of INSPIRE Annex I,II and III themes testing launched by European Commission DG Joint Research Centre in 2008 and 201... read more2014-02-19 15:25:59--
Geocatalogue of GI resources retrieved from OGC services discovered on GoogleGeocatalogue provides metadata harvested from the OGC services discovered on Google Search Engine. Available information are categorized according to ... read more2014-02-22 18:01:33--
WebTestWebTest is a web based application, which was developed in order to provide a simple GUI to perform tests of the OGC web services, mainly WMS services... read more2014-02-22 18:35:13--
Information System of Environmental Burdens in SlovakiaInformation System of Environmental Burden (ISEB) represents the basic and official data platform of environmental burdens in Slovakia. The Register o... read more2014-02-26 13:24:19The Project ‚ÄúSystematic Identification of Environmental Burdens in the Slovak Republic‚ÄĚ started in 2006 and finished in 2008 The project ‚ÄúUpgrade of Information System of Environmental Burdens ...‚ÄĚ started in 2010 and finished in 2014. -